Duplicate calendar notifications

Hello everyone

My nextcloud send multiple duplicate email Calendar reminder notifications
Email notifications count = how many people I set in Calendar events
For example, If I create calendar events with 5 people than 5 people will receive 5 the sane email reminder notifications

I have nextcloud 20.4
Please see screenshot

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I think this problem has already been addressed here:

thanks for reply

Is it possible to downgrade nextcloud calendar? Is exist unbuged calendar version? or it’s not the calendar app side?

The base CalDAV functions are part of the Nextcloud base server package and not the Calendar app. Due to the fact that notifications have never been sent correctly you have to wait for a fix.

I confirm the same bug is still present on my up-to-date instance: NC 20.0.8 with Calendar App 2.1.3.

Hope this bug can be fixed in the next Nextcloud release.