Duplicate an event (without repat it regulary) as a new feature

Hi !

After fews years working on Outlook then Google calendar, i am now user of Nextcloud \0/.
One of the most important tool for my work (i am freelance) is the calendar. And i miss one special feature from the others ones i tried before : the duplicate system.

I would like to can create a total copy of an event.
I don’t need to repeat it regulary, just one copy. Something like a “duplicate” button next too the “repeat” one.
Then can manage it if i want to change something on the copy without it change the first one.

And for can work again better (but maybe i ask too much) , a kind of keyboard shortcute for a quick copy of an event. Like keep a finger on ctrl (or an other one, it is just an example), then drag and drop my event for it create a copy where i drop it without erase the first one where i started.

Do you think it would bea feature difficult to add ?

I tried to found an easy way to propose a new feature, but the Github solution i saw is not so friendly user for someone who don’t code. :frowning:
I hope someone will answer me here.

See you soon and thanks again for all the peoples who are working on Nextcloud :smiley:

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See https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/113#issuecomment-531199045

The feature should be there in a few months, unless someone steps up until then.


I second that this is an important feature. I used it all the time at a previous employer who used scrOogle calendar as their scheduling system. It allowed keeping a previous record while easily creating a new one with the same or similar details, which was great for scheduling follow-up service calls. As both I and my previous employer are in the service industry, this is valuable.