Duo 2FU support

Hi, I just moved from ownCloud 10 to NextCloud 15 on a Rock64. I was unable to find Duo in the market place and was wondering if this was supported.

I used it on ownCloud with the Duo mobile app and loved it.

I tried setting up the build in 2FA in NextCloud but it confusing and I am having issues with .

Thanks in advance.

Duo is not yet supported as 2FA provider by Nextcloud. These posts as summarizing the discussion in this forum about it. You might contact the duo app provider for ownCloud and ask him to provide his app his app for Nextcloud too:


I’m also looking at migrating from ownCloud and whilst setting up NextCloud could not find any mention of Duo. Will sorely miss this if I switch over.

Was any progress made at getting the app added?


The answer is “no”. Please read the linked discussions for further information.

I did so don’t instantly assume, and there is little up-to-date information in them 2017 and 2018, so hence why I was asking now.