Due date splits text cell on cards + card resizing

I’m not really sure where to ask about this so I thought I would start here…

When a user adds a due date to a card, the due date indicator makes all the text shift to the left which could then makes the card a different size. This looks terribly awkward.

I would expect that the due date indicator be above the text and that the text covers the full length of the card. I would also expect that for longer titles, that the text would be truncated in order to maintain consistent sizing of the cards.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this topic? Is it a bug or a feature?

I would consider it as a “not yet implemented feature”, not a bug.

I think it’s a matter of time to implement it and can be solved ẃith a little bit css float and clear magic - probably it is currently implemented simply with display: flex;.

Feel free to open a feature request and ideally provide a Pull Request to fix it :slight_smile:

PS.: The Android app won’t be able to solve this easily because Android does not support floating containers out of the box. There are a few libs, but they all don’t look that well maintained…

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