Dropbox Nextcloud 15

Hello everybody,

There is the way to mount Dropbox storage in external storage for Nextcloud 15 ?!

Tnanks you very much

there once was a thread about connecting to dropbox
but i’m not sure that it would still work. just try it.

Thanks ! but i’ve installed the apps but a message said :
" App “External Storage backend for Dropbox” cannot be installed because it is not compatible with this version of the server."

I think the application i not update since a long time.

so why not filing an issue on github asking for updating the app?

Yes i will

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pls check if there’s no issue like that already posted.

and it would be great if you would - in any case - post the link to the issue here… that would “solve” the thread (not in a good way, though but there isn’t anything more that we could do here)

Incase anyone else is still looking for a solution, it’s by no means perfect but it was acceptable for our needs.
The only way I’ve managed to get dropbox working as external storage is to install the headless dropbox client (as my webserver is ubuntu server) but any dropbox client should work the same.
From there I added that directory into my regular external storage but I faced issues with permissions. To resolve those I used bindfs to adjust the permissions via symlink.

apt-get install bindfs
sudo bindfs -o perms=0755,mirror-only=www-data /mnt/raid2/Dropbox /var/Dropbox

I added the second line again in /etc/rc.local