Drawio app not updating

I am running Nextcloud 11.0.2 and have installed the Draw.io app. Though the app seems to function properly, Im having an issue with the Drawoi app update. Other apps update fine. I received a notification that there is a Drawio update. Current version is 0.8.5 and update version is 0.8.8. So I run the update and the apps seems to update and shows the version is now at 0.8.8. However, once I refresh the page I am notified again that I have an update available for Drawio and notice the app reverted back to version 0.8.5. I have run the update several times with same results. For whatever reason the Drawio app will not update to version 0.8.8. Its been a vicious cycles. Any help would be appropriated. Thank you.

Issue resolved. Located and downloaded current Drawio version 0.8.8 and reinstalled to Nextcloud.

I have the same issue

I had root permissions on my folder, I guess I uploaded it manually as the wrong user.