Draw.io - really offline mode?

I want to use draw.io as offline installation for NC 27.1.
Configured as offline in the settings.

If I start a new draw or edit an existing my browser wants to load js from diagrams.net.
I’ve been offline so I cannot use it.

Is there an option or setting for really offline integration or can I put this js to my local installation?

What do you mean by beeing offline? Offline as no internet, but access to your Nextcloud server on you LAN, or no connection at all, and your Nextcloud server is running on your client computer?

Not sure, probably not, but there are desktop apps that will work offline, and It’s also possible to host your own instance using Docker and then point the draw.io app in Nextcloud to that: GitHub - jgraph/docker-drawio: Dockerized draw.io based on whichever is the most secure image at the time.

Nice. Yes, offline means no access to the internet only to internal ressouces.
The trick with dockerized draw.io seems to be the solution for me. Thank you very much!

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