Draw.io doesn't work anymore

i have no clue since when (maybe 19.01 or 19 update) draw.io doesn’t work anymore, on two completely different Nextcloud installations!

one is running on Unbuntu 18.04 LTS and Snap, the other on SuSE Tumbleweed “normal install”.
with Firefox i get an empty windows when trying to open an existing diagram, with Chrome i get the message: (in german) requests to the server were blocked by an extension

i can’t find any “similar” log entries, one machine is complaining about imagick, the other:
ResourceLocator can not find a web root (root: /var/snap/nextcloud/22327/nextcloud/extra-apps/data_request, file: index.php/css/data_request/ca9f-d08c-style.css?v=4b42747c0ce357d6c4d3dcbd2576a09c, webRoot: , throw: true)
that seems to be the root cause at this one

Hey @MickeyMouse did you already had a look whether a similar issue has already been reported to the app?

If not, would you mind to open up a new issue including your log entries, so the developer is aware of the issue?

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Hi, i have the same issue. Running Nextcloud on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS snap install… Nextcloud auto-updated from 19.0.4snap1 23 days 10, then to 19.0.4.snap2 10 days ago, and then to 20.0.1snap1 also 10 days ago. Draw.io was running just fine until Nextcloud auto-updated to 20.0.1snap1.

Honestly wish Nextcloud wouldn’t auto-update itself if it’s going to break apps that we rely upon.

So now what? The developer needs to update their app? Meanwhile what do we do? I’d like to rollback but one can’t do this.

Any suggestions as to what we should do are deeply appreciated.


Nextcloud itself doesn’t do auto-updates. If you are using any magic docker or snap stuff, then it’s not Nextclouds fault.

As i told in my previous comment: Open an issue in the linked repository if it doesn’t yet exist. Most 3rd party app developers don’t read in this forum.

  1. Keep calm and rollback to the latest backup which you have (as an administrator, having recent backups is your personal responsibility)
  2. Inform about how your system works (in terms of auto updates), how to disable it etc.
  3. Check whether all 3rd party apps are available before you perform an upgrade in the future

Yes, an issue already exists. Feel free to give your thumbs up to support this issue:

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Hi, thanks much for the detailed breakdown.

While I appreciate that it isn’t Nextcloud that auto-updates itself, snap apparently (to the best of our knowledge) provides no global switch that can be set by an admin to disable auto-updates. This is problematic at best (think Windows 10 updates). Unfortunately I’m not a snap technical wizard let alone a Nextcloud wizard. I suspect many users of Nextcloud aren’t.

Any suggestion then how to disable such snap-based updates? I found this googling for a solution:

In the interim, any good links regarding how to rollback deeply appreciated. Unfortunately unless snap also did an auto-backup of our data, we have no backup to use to restore back to stable version 19. Not feeling too bright at the moment!