Drag & Drop Into Subfolders

Nextcloud version: 22.0.0
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 20.04
Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4.41
PHP version: 7.4.3

Hello, I am having a weird problem. I had the same problem on Nextcloud 21 that’s why I’ve setup a brand new server but still have the same issue. If I create a folder called TEST and inside this folder another folder called HELLO and try to drag n drop a simple file 10kb on top of HELLO folder it will not process anything, it’s just saying that it is processing but it won’t work, it will just stuck there. If I go inside of this HELLO folder under TEST folder than I can drag n drop the same file. But without going inside of the folder I cannot drag n drop from the WEB.

So basically I can drag n drop any files to this TEST folder which is the main folder. I am directly dragging my file on top of TEST folder but I cannot drag anything to subfolders.

I’ve played with the FILE & FOLDER permissions, give folders 755 and files 644 but did not help. I’ve deleted and created the users again, but nothing has changed. I don’t have anything on the logs. I will lose my mind :smile: any idea? Thanks in advance!

I can confirm this behavior…
Drag and drop of a folder only works when doing this on top of the top-level folder.
When doing it on lower level folders, you have to be inside the folder for drag and drop to work…

I never really had the need to do it this way… Normally I get inside the folder first…

Yes exactly, thanks for the confirmation so I am not the only one I guess having this issue. I am also using it by going inside a folder now to upload anything but it’s annoying for some users. It was working fine when I had Nextcloud 20 and I still have an active instance so I’ve checked there and I can drag and drop to any second or third level folder but it will not work on my Nextcloud 21 and 22 instances.

Hello everyone, is there anybody who has any idea about this issue? Maybe I should report to Nextcloud directly about it?

Hi, I’ve found the reason behind the problem.
In the console it thows the followin error:

jQuery.Deferred exception: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'get') TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'get')
    at HTMLInputElement.add (https://domain/index.php/js/files/merged-index.js?v=e28ffc07-18:2482:82)

So looking at the exception i’ve found that the software is tryng to get the available space of the subfolder, but it’s searching it using a slash before the folder name, but in the list of the files that slash does not exist, so it get null.


Forcing the variable without the slash, makes it working.

I don’t know if the developers read this community thread or how to comunicate this detail directly.

Sorry for bad english.

For those searching along: Bug is acknowledged and a fix should be included in 22.2.1.