Downloading Document Server Community


I got problems to download the “Document Server Community” app.

I still get the curl 28 error. I already changed the RequestOptions::TIMEOUT option but it didn’t help.

Please install log reader app and check log to get some more details.

How many data is loaded before curl error occures?
Are you near the end?

Here is the log.

cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 120000 milliseconds with 283958844 out of 315849196 bytes received (see

Nearly 91% :slight_smile:

Are you already at v18.0.1?

yes I am already on 18.0.1.

You can download release manually and place it inside your apps folder. See

Just enable the app afterwards.

Just a workaround.

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This worked for me now.

Is there a solution to get rid of the curl error for the next time I want download a app?

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From my understanding is is about download speed.
Had that with v18.0.0, with v18.0.1 it has been gone.

This app is the biggest by far, never had trouble with other ones.

Ah I get it. So the fix should have worked with version 18.0.0.

How i install this in terminal ??

cd /locaties-nextcloud/app
tar -zxvf documentserver_community.tar.gz
rm documentserver_community.tar.gz
cd ..
occ app:enable documentserver_community
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