Downloading All Photos to Camera Roll

So I have asked this before but never got a solid answer:

I have uploaded my entire camera roll(Nextcloud App>Settings>Auto Upload>Upload Whole Camera Roll. It uploaded all 1998 photos. I can go on the web and see them.

The reason i did this is because the phone needed to be reset. When i reset it, the plan was to download Nextcloud and sign back in and download all my photos to my camera roll again.


Auto Upload has not been turned on at this point since that feature only appears to upload and not download them to the device. I have tried by marking all files in the photos folder as available offline, and the selected all to save to gallery. But i get random results. I have ~2000 photos, but they don’t all come down. Ill try the first time for example and like 48 photos save. That was not all of them so I deleted them all from my camera roll. next time 600 save, still missing a lot of them.