Download whole folder

Hi there,

Hope someone can help. I’m using Nextcloud on my Android phone, we have our own server running with it (great!).

I’ve got a problem though:

How can you download a whole folder? I need to download multiple folders from the server to my phone but the only way I can find is to download it file by file but the folders contain hundreds, maybe even thousands of files and subfolders!! That would be way too cumbersome. I can’t find another way, anyone who can help?



Hi @Ilona,

navigate into the folder with the files you want to download, long click/press on a file which activates the long press menu, go to the menu in the now grey action br and choose select all then via the same menu choose download, done :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,

That works only for files, not for folders. The particular file/folder I’m talking about has a huge amount of folders. Folders in folders in folders in folders. And we’re talking about hundreds… So this would be very inconvenient…

To be able to download a whole folder would be the only way in this case…

Any chance this becomes possible?

Cheers, Ilona

Hi Andy,

That works only on a file base, not for a whole folder?

depends on your point of view, but basically yes. Currently the app doesn’t support arbitraty folder structures to be selected, just files within a folder (on that level)

The android app is great, works great, but it’s a huge deficiency. Is there a workaround?

In the Nextcloud app press the 3 dots next to the folder you wish to download and hit ‘sync’. The folder with its sub folders will download(sync) to your android device. I believe you will then find your content in


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