Download upstream file changes without opening app

I am using the 20170609 nextcloud dev Android app with a Nextcloud 12 server.

When I ‘Set as available offline’ on files, my changes on the phone automatically upload to nextcloud, but changes on other machines are not automatically downloaded to the phone. I have to open the nextcloud app to force it download the latest upstream changes.

Is this a bug? Is there a way to force nextcloud app to periodically check the server for updates?

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I never used or extended the available offline implementation so pining @tobiasKaminsky and @mario for any input/help :slight_smile:

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Well, this should really work with the sync provider, but I have no idea. Can you file this as a bug please (@Andy maybe?) and we’ll take a look eventually?

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I did not realize it used an Android sync adapter. It was apparently disabled by default on my Android 7.1.2, so I enabled File sync via Settings -> Accounts -> Nextcloud. Nextcloud then synced as expected, but it has been almost 3 hours since then with no further auto-syncs.

Is there a way to control the sync frequency? What is the default frequency?

Edit: Seems to be hardcoded to 3 hours.

Update: Nope, even 4+ hours out it still hasn’t uploaded my changes on the device. Had to open Nextcloud app, which immediately synced. Will open a bug report.

Ok, this is weird. If I edit the “offline” file manually using a native Android text editor, the Nextcloud app immediately uploads it to the server. However, if I edit the file on my Android device using a Python script via QPython or Kivy, then Nextcloud never syncs the change.

Is there a notification I need to send to Android to let it know a file has changed? Not sure if this is a bug, or something weird about how Android sync works.

Please open a bug report will all this info so we can track it. Thanks for doing such detailed debugging. Thanks to you, and people that are alike, we’ll have even better application in the future! :slight_smile: