Download quota (limit) per user

I am running NextCloudPi on an raspberrypi 4. I would like to know if it is possible, to establish a download limit for each user. For example: I have a quota from my internet-provider of 11 GB per month (no flat rate), and I want to set a limit for every of the 4 nextcloud-users of 1 GB down- and upload per month. Otherwise it could happen, that the 11 GB will be exceeded and then I have to pay for the extra GB used. When the limit of 1 GB per user is reached, then the download should stop and a message should appear, that the download limit is reached.

I think it is not possible. But if you have got a limit from your internet provider you can better host the data in a Managed Nextcloud in the internet. You can get free accounts. Then you only use the quota of your internet provider once for upload files and only if you download the files again. Other uers in the internet can access the Managed Nextcloud in the internet directly without using your internet provider quota.

Alternatively, I would put only small files in your own Nextcloud. With an average file size of 1 MB, each user could download 1000 files per month and thus 30 files per day. That could be realistic.