Download Only Account

Is it possible to have an account that can only download files and nothing else? Can not edit username or any other feature than download files?
I am trying to set up a file server where people can download certain files and that is it.

You could create a shared folder as “read-only”

I understand the file permissions, I am referring to the username, password, etc. I am trying to set up something like a dropbox

You can create guest accounts and add all folders as read-only then use tools like quota or file access control to not allow them to add any data of their own.

Should be able to place all standard users into a heavily restricted group called “Download only”

Even if the question has been resolved. Unfortunately, it is probably not possible to disallow the user to change their user data. If that were possible, you could use a normal Nextcloud user with a quota of 0 bytes. Or is there a way to restrict the administration of your own user data? Might be a nice issue.

You can add Users by LDAP-connection; they can’t edit themselves.