Download format TAR to change to ZIP

Hi all,

I’m facing problems with the downloads of folders. Some are based on ZIP format (which works) and some of them base on TAR format (which doesn’t comlete the download and thus doesn’t work).

So far it was alway ZIP.

Does anybody has an idea how to solve that?


(Working on MAC, no IT specialist)

I found this very old post for you: link

Do you use MacOS? When do you get TAR instead of ZIP?

I can’t describe when the downloads create a TAR or a ZIP file, but in the meantime I found a way to open the TAR-files. So thanks for your quick feedback.

Zip and Tar on same device?

Yes, on the same device (MacBook Pro).

Years ago there were problems with ZIP and MacOS. Nextcloud has then probably decided on the basis of the useragent whether TAR or ZIP was used. But i don’t know if the problem has been solved. Can you set another useragent in your client e.g. browser? Maybe you can or have to disable the possibility of TAR somewhere in the source code. Sorry i do not use MacOS.

I think linux has not got the problem. There is also used TAR instead of ZIP. ZIP or 7-Zip is not standard there, too. But with linux the user was expected to take care of the ZIP vs. TAR problem himself/herself. :wink: Probably no one has ever bothered with the fact that files can also be automatically unpacked on the linux client.

Thanks for your help. I’ll forward this to our IT Admin, when he is back from holiday.