Downgrading nextcloud to version without 'discover'

Hi! I just found out that my nextcloud instance upgraded to a version which i don’t like [discover (advertising) part in apps adminstation menu] and would need to find an easy way to get 27 back.


sudo snap revert nextcloud could only downgrade one step, which is still version 28, so that’s not the way to go… do you think there is an easier way than exporting my stuff, deleting the instance and installing the version 27?

ok, sorry… sudo snap revert nextcloud temporarily resolved my actual issue with the new discover look in nextcloud apps section - its gone for now, yay!

so if you decide to do this yourself, maybe you would like to hold that version: sudo snap refresh --hold nextcloud will hold this version for you… its probably not safe from security stand-point, but i am willing to take that risk to keep at least some of my sanity.

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