Downgrade nextcloud

I have an interesting problem: I was running my personal NC 13 for a while and had the updater set to get daily updates. After updating the instance to NC 13 RC 1 I got a new update after a while which I applied. Interestingly, the instance now says it is running NC 14.0.0 alpha and some apps won’t work anymore.

Is there a way to downgrade to 13?


I think you received a warning somewhere that downgrades are not supported.
So the only way is restoring a backup unfortunately.

When you set to “daily updates”, this’s NOT for production server, right?
So reinstall NC is not problem for you :wink:

Downgrades are not supported. Using the daily or even beta channel is not a good idea on a production system.

You have a backup, right? Then you should restore everything which would be the best solution after all. If not, you are in trouble. Then the best thing you could do is making a backup NOW and then start from scratch (which is painful) and copying the data directory back to your new installation. For the database entries it would be difficult to restore them but it might be possible for certain data but I wouldn’t bet on that.