Double authentification reseting after few months?

Hi guys,

I’am from IT departement of my companie and we have a Nextcloud server working pretty well.
We have installed the Double Authentification Factor on it , that ask ours teamates to enter a code they received by emails after logging with credentials. All is good from few months, but since fews days , days after days and weeks after weeks, ( not the same time) , Teamates of my compagnie are blocked to enter on Nextcloud ! why ? Because Nextcloud said they need to DO / activate the double authentification factor on their accompt , BUT they did this few months ago and that worked well untill this day ! It’s like the double authentification factor is RESET for the users after x days ?? i can desactivate the Double authentification on the server , that allow to REACTIVATE the D.A.F on their account and then its working , but how i can change the value to define NO RESET AFTER X DAYS ?? because we have 500 teamates on our Society and day after day i need to reset their D.A.F manually for each teamate !

Thanks you very much for your help !!!

My NEXTCLOUD Server is on 18.0.13 version


It can happen when the second factor app is disabled, e.g. during an upgrade. When you know when it happened, you can check your logs if you see something suspicious.

Do you set up the option that passwords expire?