Domain validation method

Hi all!
Everything was perfect until my private SSL certificate expired (comodo), Nextcloud Snap version is the only program installed on my server. In order to validate my certificate I am suppose to do the following, as per COMODO’s web page:

  1. I don’t have any mail server installed for email AUTH

So, maybe it is a newbie question: Where I am suppose to create those folders containing the xx.txt file and what permissions should be assigned to them?

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Well, since the Nextcloud snap is a purpose-built, self-contained container to serve Nextcloud exclusively, it’s probably not possible to do that on the same server Nextcloud is running, or at least not without stopping the snap and spinning up a separate apache or nginx instance.

So my question would be how did you install and validate the cert when you first installed it, as a similar procedure would probably be required to renew it.

Another interesting question is why you’d use a certificate from Comodo, and possibly pay money for it, when the Nextcloud Snap can get Let’s Encrypt certificates for free with a single command, and also renew them automatically.

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Answering your question: I just got the answer, will have to create a CNAME entry on my provider.
Let’sencrypt worked almost perfect but some browser use to give a warning, and in order to avoid that I had to use private certificate.
Thanks for your reply