Domain name redirect

OK I might be a real dunce here… so please bare with!

So I have my nextcloudpi instance running and have had it running for a while. Its great. I use noip and registered a sub-domain name, eg., set it as an A record in noip to look at my public ip. Great. It works, very happy. But of course the sub domian names from no-ip are fine but I now want to have my very own domain. At the moment shares etc show as I want my own,

I have bought a domain name, I understand that I can redirect that to my sub domian at noip and bingo it will work but shares etc still show but I want to use my I also understand that I need a fixed ip address to make this so. Is that the only way? I guess I know what the answer will be.

basically I’ve got a domain, I want to use it and I want all the shares etc to show, it just looks a bit more slick that!

Regards all

You can set a CNAME entry for Only if someone does a manual lookup, it will be visible that the ip is resolved via In the browser there will always be Some domain providers allow you to update your entry with a dyndns-client.


well how about that… many thanks… Works!!!

So pleased… See me smile!