Domain keeps pointing to my router's config login page, except the nextcloud instance

I’m really new to self-hosting, but have been running an instance for a while for personal use; With no problems whatsoever. Recently I moved and changed the IP address on the website I got a domain from. After which I was able to access my instance through the domain like normal.
However, after a few minutes, going to the domain would only show the login page for my router’s configuration. This never happened at my previous address.

Nextcloud through snap, 26.0.3
Ubuntu Server 22.04.2 LTS

Edit: After an hour or so of more troubleshooting, the Router’s firmware struck me as extremely poorly made (lack of settings, random logouts, settings having no effect) so I will try a different router I have with OpenWrt to see if that makes any difference

You have a static IP? If not, the address could have changed again and you see the router interface of someone else’s router.

It’s strange that once it works, it changes afterwards. You didn’t reboot the router and it lost the IP forwards or a firmware upgrade on the router?

Routers has intercept features for automatically redirecting to own admin page. Mine has to. All trafic that go through your router from the otuside, is pointing to your routers WAN IP. So right now it seems your routers admin page is available from the outside. This is another issue you will have to adress, unless this happens only when you are on your own local network…?

To your issue in general.
You will have to forward trafic on port 80 and 443 from your WAN interface to your LAN interface of choice. You will probably also have to change on which port your routers Admin page can be reached.
If the above is done and you still have this issue, I will need to know much more details about your router and config, as this issue you are xperiencing, is somewhere in your router.

To my knowledge, nothing in terms of the router’s configuration changed at all. The IP stays the same, and the firmware version is also unchanged.
What makes this much weirder, are other ports that I had open now are refused connection entirely, and the settings which (I assume) control that are not effected.

I still have a router with OpenWrt lying around, which I will try instead, to see if it’s just the router’s poorly created firmware

Yes the domain points to the login page outside the network as well, so I deactivated (by just inputting the old IP) the domain for now. I have the ports forwarded and to my knowledge nothing else has changed. After further troubleshooting the only culprit I can point to is the fact my router’s firmware is old, and changes to LAN or WAN settings have no effect. (The admin site does not even have a page to change some security settings, except some defaults)