Domain doesnt work

I have added my domain to the trusted domains and all the needed ports at my router are open.
The strange thing about my problem is that the local IP works all the time but some times the domain wount work. To find a pattern I used uptimerobot but that is telling that my server is online all the time

I would not open all ports on the router…

This sounds like a DNS issue to me. When the domain doesn’t work in the browser URL bar, does the name resolve to the correct IP? Local or public?

Also watch out for some browsers that now send DNS/TLS by default and use an outside DNS server different than what the OS uses.

All the ports that are needed of course not all the ports. The Ip was on a blocklist as well I removed it from there but there are still problems that the server timesout

What kind of DNS service do you use?

On my PC I use the dns but its the same with every dns and after 1 week there should be every dns updated

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