Domain does not point to this server... even thought it should

Hi! I’m a complete newbie to networking and nextcloud. I’ve been following the AIO Docker installation for windows and ran into this error after configuring my domain and ports.

I haven’t set up a reverse proxy, so I guessed it was an issue with it not pointing to my IP or not forwarding it. I used to set up a subdomain (though the same thing happened when I tried Duck DNS)

However my public IP that the domain points to has the correct ports open.

Did I miss something in the setup? The ports are open, though I am using an ethernet cable from an institution, so is it possible that the ports are open but not being forwarded to my machine specifically?

I’ve gone over questions along these lines in the support forum and found that I could skip the domain validation in the docker run command. Should I try that once or wait?


Yes, this is definitely possible if you did not forward the ports to your pc in the router/firewall.

I see. I’m using an ethernet cable provided by the institution I live in. I don’t operate the router/firewall they use, but will see if I can get it working from that end some way. Thank you!

I suppose option 2 or 3 mentioned in all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub might be helpful.

Question: If I don’t open my Nextcloud to the public internet, will I be able to access it remotely from a different device?

Also, please excuse me if this is the wrong place to ask :sweat_smile: but how would creating a local instance solve this issue? Really curious about learning more.

No, you will not. However there are solutions like Cloudflare Tunnel which is mentioned in the documentation that I’ve sent which allows to circumvent your problem.

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Cool, thank you so much! I’ll try it out.