Dolphin (KDE file Manager) integration?


I’m trying to find out the plugin to install in Dolphin (the file manager of KDE in Linux). I have already installed the git version of the NC client that works fine but it doesn’t contain the Dolphin integration. I have memories to have used in past on previous setup of KDE ! or am I dreaming and it was in Nautilus (the file manager in Gnome) ??
It allowed to share straight file/folders from file manager which was very useful :wink:



Not tested:
(search Dolphin and use your webdav-url)

Not with only webdav.

Yep thanks I had seen that already but I don’t want that ! The plugin I’m thinking was working automatically on localised synchronised folders with NC sync client ! It also displayed with a little green circle on file they were well synchronised !

I recall that too.
Whenever did that disappear??

Did that only work with Gnome maybe?

Dolphin? Have you read and test this?
Please post more details.

Perhaps it is useful to install the nextcloud desktop client for linux.

I find webdav very slow - but yes, I’ve tested it!

Nevermind though, as I found this for my kubuntu-machine:

apt install nextcloud-client-dolphin


The package nextcloud-desktop installs also nextcloud-client-dolphin
Ubuntu – Details of source package nextcloud-desktop in impish
For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (focal) it is very old.

But the Dolphin plugin seems not to be installed in Debian with nextcloud desktop client:
But you can install it also manually:

Weirdly enough, it didn’t for me. Had to install the nextcloud-dolphin package separately.
Maybe something the packager did, or some such.

Sorry my fault.

Ubuntu – Details of package nextcloud-desktop in focal
does not install Ubuntu – Details of package dolphin-nextcloud in focal
It is only in the same source package.

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