Does the NextBox preinstalled SD card work with Raspberry Pi Model B V1.2?

Hi I bought the Next Box kit with pre installed SD card
It should work on Rpi 2 but I get the rainbow screen and I found here in some posts that maybe i have a wrong Rpi
Please can someone help me to verify this.
I goth this exact model of Rpi

If the Rpi is incorrect can you pls advice how can I install the correct image on the sd card on my mac

Thank you

I have the Boxkit with the Pi2-B too, does it work with another sd-card and raspbian?

if you guys would use the search-option here in the forum (e.g. with “rainbow”) there are some results…
the most promising one is (a bit older) Nextcloud box does not boot on rasberry pi

what i understood from it your problems could come from a broken sd-card. so if you have the opportunity to try it with a different sd?
and the original image? you will find it here -->

since the both of you got yourself a nextcloud box i think you could rely upon your power-supply which otherwise could be a reason for problems as well.

awww. and if you wouldn’t like the NC snap i suggest: try nextcloudpi. very easy set up as well and highly maintained


Thanx for the advice i managed to get the nextcloud 12 up and running with other sd card where i flashed the nextcloudpi image…
it works great on LAN but is there some simple manual how to set it up for external network?
I want to use it as regular web cloud

I would like to benefit from the nextclodpi user friendliness but I have no idea how to set it up… if i need server or something like that … meaning i need to buy a domain … or i can run it without it…

i have no clue what NAS means or SSHL or something …

Please can you help to understand what direction do I meed to focus my search for advice

thank you


the site of nextcloudpi’s maintainer @nachoparker is - you’ll find some helpful hints and advices there.
the github-page is here --> with also some great stuff.

i’d suggest to mark this thread as solved and - in case you’d need more help - to open a new one here in the forum under nextcloudpi or directly in the githubpage…