Does Nextcloud 11 support PHP 7.1?

Hi guys,

I have just successfully upgraded to Nextcloud 11 and am now considering to upgrade my PHP installation from 7 to 7.1. I tried to find out if NC11 is fully compatible with PHP 7.1 but the only thing I learned here on the forum is that NC9 wasn’t compatible and therefore would refuse to install on PHP 7.1. But what about NC11? Has this been fixed already or are there any flaws?

I would also like to know if the following apps are compatible with PHP 7.1:

  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Audio Player
  • News
  • Mail

I would appreciate you sharing your experience with me! Thanks!

Every app except TFA and mail works without problems for me with Nginx and PHP 7.1. Only both apps show some errors regarding unsupported PHP version but work without problems.

I run my dev enviroment and my personal instance on php7.1

I complained to mail already and it will mostlikely be fixed in the next release.

2FA should receive the same update

Seems like the updater is not compatible with PHP7.1 because of this guzzle bug, see this message.

No problem here.