Does NC sync whole files or only changes? (considering syncing 28 GB virtual machine)

Hey guys, I have been unable to find a conclusive answer to this question… I’m thinking of syncing my Windows 10 virtual machine. Its .vdi file is around 28 GB large.

Of course, this would only make sense if NC doesn’t resync the entire file any time a change is made.

From what I read, it seems that NC does support uploading files in chunks to bypass a server’s upload size limits, but I’m not entirely sure what the current status is of syncing only file differences instead of whole files. I did find discussions about the subject, but they go back a few years.

Could you guys bring me up to speed? Thanks!

No, there have been requests to do so:

Many use cases (encrypted containers, office documents) now use containers that change more than a few bits when you only change small things. VM-Containers and some other cases might be different. There have been an implementation which is still tested in ownCloud, not sure about the current status but if successful it could be ported to Nextcloud (edit: still in experimental status:

Thanks for the insight, tflidd! This is good to know and helps me make my decision. :slight_smile: