Does Borg in Nextcloud AIO overwrite previous backups?

I installed Nextcloud AIO and I enabled daily backups with Borg.
I’m wondering if my server will soon be full of backups or if Borg overwrites previous backups (and perhaps how many of them it keeps).

Check the documentation on their github repo and any issues listed there on what aio supports. If still unsure, ask the developers directly on github.

please inform yourself how borg backup works…

  • it’s not simple copy to another place
  • it puts all the files into backup “archive
  • each single backup “item” holds only changed data
  • but each backup “item” doesn’t take full the space your files take…

Yeah I actually learned how it works and how Nextcloud AIO implements it: Does Borg delete old backups? · Discussion #886 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub.
Thank you very much.