Does anyone knows a free nextcloud (webcloud) provier that supports gpoddersync api?

Hello, looking to sync antennapod podcasts, everything I find is about the gpodder site doesn’t work anymore and to selfhost a server to run GPodder Sync, gpodder2go etc but I have no interest / knowledge / resources setting and running a local machine and keeping it secure. I have tried 4 of the nextcloud providers - the good cloud, portknox,, open it store, but they don’t have the ability to run gpodder sync. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. Deron

2 Likes has both gpodder sync and nextpod. also has gpodder sync.


UPDATE Hello, using the NEWEST AntennaPod 3.4 and setting up an account at I was able to sync the app with the online Nextcloud account under the NextPod tab. It was way easy. On AntennaPod go to setting then synchronization type in as server, then a web page will open to login credentials. Thanks.