Does anyone know when the nextcloud talk-desktop client will be released?

I recently found a Github repo from Nextcloud directly that they are programming a desktop client for Nextcloud Talk.

Does anyone know when this will be officially released? I think it’s really not bad for my family on the PC. Then you don’t always have to open the browser and wait for the Talk answer :slight_smile:

Nothing official yet, but you can still try it, the binaries are at Release v0.19.0 - Talk 18.0.0 · nextcloud-releases/talk-desktop · GitHub

For some reason, every version after 0.6.0 won’t work on my windows 10 laptop… I get an error message mentioning a Javascript error, then it hangs :confused:

Well, without any further information, it’s hard to give any feedback :sweat_smile:

Oh, didn’t think I could get help… Here’s the error message :


Are you using a custom/self-signed certificate?

Ah, looks like this issue: Uncaught exception for showCertificateTrustDialog during start prevents startup of client · Issue #459 · nextcloud/talk-desktop · GitHub

That was fast…

Yep, I am using self-signed certificates… I hope they’ll fix that, weird that it wasn’t a problem on 0.6.0 and below…