Does an LMS (leave management system) app exist for Nextcloud?

My (small) company needs a simple LMS. I.e. people request holidays, their respective boss says yes or no, and the holidays appear in the calendar. Of course, the system must be aware of number of holidays taken, different max. number of holidays depending on individual contract, etc. There must be different leave types, such as holidays, sick days, parenthood days - just the typical things handled by other LMSes, such as Jorani. An integration into Nextcloud would be nice, however. Any ideas?

Nothing that I’ve heard about. It sounds like it would be a good fit though, and probably not terribly complicated to implement. You have software developers on payroll? If not, you may want to look into hiring a freelancer to do up something like this for you.

If I look into existing systems, such as Jorani (, it looks at least tricky in some details.
I’m not sure, how much my employer would be willing and able to pay for such a development.

Well here’s the thing about developing a system… you don’t need to replicate everything that someone else does, you just need to implement the functionality that your organization requires.

And for that matter, since joriani is open source, it might not be a big project to actually integrate it INTO nextcloud, so your freelancer would have a smaller job.

Have you taken the idea of integration up with developers of jorani? They might be interested.