Documentserver - document loads forever

I did a fresh install of NC Hub 18.0.1 and enabled the featured apps and added manually the community documentserver app.
Now, when I try to create a new file, the GUI shows up, but in the middle it shows a never ending “document loading” dialog (actually it’s in german as I use german language).


I have no idea where to start with, maybe someone has some hints for me…

I searched the web and found only one post about this, and there its about some headers in a docker config file, but I don’t use docker here…

Some information from the logfile?

Nothing in the nextcloud log. All log levels are checked.
Nothing in http-error log.

Damn, did you reboot the server? Is it the same with a new document?

No and yes.
It’s on a shared hosting platform. Or do you mean restart the dosumentserver? I have to figure out how to do this.
Yes, it is the same with a new document…

Hmm, deactivate document Server and activate again? Or deinstall an install again maybe? Just to test it

I just did. Removed both, the server and onlyoffice app completely, then installed and activated both again.
In the NC Log, I see now two entries:

  1. [PHP] Error: stream_get_contents(): supplied resource is not a valid stream resource at /usr/www/users/xxx/nextcloud/apps/documentserver_community/lib/Document/FontManager.php#67

  2. [PHP] Error: stream_get_contents(): supplied resource is not a valid stream resource at /usr/www/users/xxx/nextcloud/apps/documentserver_community/lib/Document/FontManager.php#67

I did a search for that and found an issue on github about fonts… Maybe its a font issue…

I dont know. I tried to symlink these mentioned libs, but no help. But this was rather just a try, not knowing exactly if this is really the problem…

Did you ever solve this? I have this exact same problem since OO was introduced in NC and whenever an update comes I hoped that the problem solves itself. It never did. A fresh install on the same platform (it is a shared hoster) works. But I do not want to start over with a new NC instance, reconfigure everything and all Users have to move their content to a new platform.
Because a fresh install on the same platform works, shows me that it is not an issue with that or with any PHP settings. It must be something within the NC Database or the Data folders. Because those are the only difference between the fresh install and my production install.

HI, I am having the same kind of problem. Did you find a solution?

No, unfortunately not.
I have given up. Maybe I try again once when I have time for that. Until then - no integrated Office…