Documentation on subscribed and sync in background options


I am trying to find some documentation on the various options in Mail app. Can someone explain the difference between subscribed and sync in background options.


I’m not sure if I fully understand your query, but I’ll try to explain my observations.

The ‘Subscribed’ option on folders simply lets you show/hide folders when the option in the mailbox account to ‘Show only subscribed mailboxes’ is checked. Personally, I find the naming scheme a little confusing here.

My understanding is that the Mail app syncs some mail folders (like Inbox) in the background by default, so the Mail app does not need to be loaded in the browser for updated mailbox (users don’t have to wait for mails to be synced as soon as this page is loaded). Meanwhile, other folders (like Sent) begin to sync only when the user has opened those folders in Mail app. These folders can, however, be configured to sync in the background by checking the option.
This was mentioned on Github