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Hi everyone!

When can we expect updated documentation on NC21?
The official admin manual PDF is still referring to ubuntu 18.04 with php 7.4.



see Example installation on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation and you will see Ubuntu 20.04

Feel free to join us at GitHub and help improving the docs.

Thanks for the reply.

By updated documentation I meant manual that will refer Nextcloud version 21and php8.
Are these planned in near future?

What information are you missing related to PHP8?

Please have a look at section 4.3.1 in Nextcloud Server AdministrationManual

I’m mostly wondering if NC21 with PHP8 has the same prerequisites for PHP modules as previous versions.
But I’m sure there must be another configuration differences as well.


PHP8 is brand new (PHP - Wikipedia 4 months old).
If there are big differences docs need to be adapted.

For ubuntu 20.04 LTS there are no official PHP8 packages.

Then I don’t understand how should I install NC21 on ubuntu 20.04. Are there any unofficial packages? What’s the ‘official’ recommended method of installing NC21 with php8 on 20.04?

I feel like I’m missing something silly, but a lot of people are inexperienced like me. This is why we need updated documentation.


The way I see it, you have the following options at the moment:

  1. You test it yourself and share your findings with the world.
  2. you wait until enough others have tested it and they share their findings with the world.
  3. you wait until the official Nextcloud documentation has been adapted.

At the moment I can say the following about NC21 with PHP8:

I’ve installed Nextcloud 21 in a test VM with PHP8 and it works. I used the same PHP modules and settings as with PHP7.4. But there are few PHP Errors in the logs for which I haven’t had the time to deal with and which will probably be resolved with further updates of NC21 anyways.

As a general rule of thumb, it makes sense to wait until the first one or two point releases of a new Nextcloud version are released, before upgrading a productive system. In the meantime, you can get familiar with the new version on a test system. it makes absolutley no sense to rush into things and upgrade your NC on Day1, unless you are ready to actively deal with a few quirks that almost certainly will apear, especially if you also upgrade things in the backend, like PHP, at the same time. In addition to that, PHP8 itself is still relatively new and will certainly be further optimized in the near future.

If you decide to do it anyways, at least do one thing at a time: Upgrade Nextcloud first, see if everything is working so far and then deal with the PHP upgrade. Btw. Nextcloud 21 also works perfectley fine with PHP7.4. Unless there is some compelling reason, you don’t necessarily have to upgrade to PHP8 immediately.

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:


There is a misunderstanding here.

PHP8 is not a minimum requirement for NC 21.

And how to install PHP8 on Ubuntu xx is not a direct topic of Nextcloud. Neither is how to correctly configure a web server for it.

If I were you, I would continue to use the PHP version of your distribution, as long as it is at least PHP 7.3.

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