Documentation not found

Hi All, I am trying to get the document for the user_saml app but when accessing I get a “file not found”. Any thoughts where I find the best documentation on this?

Wrong link is found on the official app page
And also inside Nextcloud if you access the configuration page of it.

Best, Enno

I have no idea why the documentation has (apparently) not made it into NC 13 nor been made available elsewhere. A search for SAML in NC 13 admin docs only shows the app is in the supported apps list, without a how-to or other documentation of any kind. The GH page doesn’t have its own wiki or README, and still points to the equivalent page in NC 12’s documentation.

For the time being, the NC 12 docs should be similar enough to use, as most of the changes in the changelog appear to be incremental improvements and bugfixes. It would be great if we could get confirmed good, up-to-the-release documentation though.

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Thank you very much for the fast and kind response.

Glad to hear that I did not miss anything out and a suitable documentation is indeed missing.
You mentioned the NC 12`s documentation and I will try to work it out with this - thank you very much for the help.

I have added an issue for this in Github as well:

Feel free to link anything to it and ping me if I can be of help here.
I`ll also provide the steps I performed as well, for the one writing the documentation to refer to :slight_smile:

All the best, Enno

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