Certificate Expired

Dear NextCloud team:

On 2020-11-02 @ 20:40:44 the LetsEncrypt certificates of have expired.
As a result I am not able to access the documentation because of the HSTS policy in place.
Please renew the certificates in question.

I registered an account to also provide evidence of this. I’m happy this support forum works so well, it showed me the duplicate post.

admittedly I was going to place the thread under ‘meta’ knowing it wasn’t quite right

I am having the same issue trying to upgrade my installation which uses “”. I’m guessing their certbot broke :confused:

I can confirm this. And it’s not only this domain: - certificate expired 2020-11-03, 02:40:14 UTC - certificate expired 2020-11-03, 02:40:44 UTC

Hey Siri…“certbot renew” :wink:

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Has been fixed as of: Saturday, 3 October 2020 at 20:40:44 Central Standard Time