Docs files corrupted when apploading

Hi everyone,
we are running NextcLoud 21.0.7 in our environnent, but we are face an issue of corrupted docx files.
when we upload some Docx files from the office Suite, all the documents (docs, excel and other types) are corrupted and it seams impossible to collaborate with this files)
we have configured the types like this way :


any idea for this issue?
thanks you all

Can you please be more precise and describe which office suite you’re speaking about and which mechanism/protocol you’re using to upload files.

Hi, thanks for repling.
The most of users are using the Microsoft Office suite and also some times the LibreOffice suite.

They are uploading the docs from their local repositories.
there is no particular method, only simple way.
we are asking if there is any part of configuration that we didn’t put in the right way.

And what do you exactly understand under “the simple” way"? Are using the Nextcloud client, are you mounting the drive using SMB/CIFS or are you using WebDAV? LibreOffice e.g. access all kind of service and protocols to access data.

Please be as precise as possible and describe the process in detail!