Docker with Nextcloud on a VM with Linux on Windows PC

I would like to install NextCloud on 2 Computers (with Windows) and later potentially migrate it to VPS and I have a few Questions:

Can I install Docker (and NextCloud + Maybe Bookstack and some other docker apps) on a virtual machine on a Windows PC and if everything works well, I just move the whole virtual machine with Linux to another Windows PC and it will work there?

Later on, I would potentially move it all to a VPS. Since I would have Linux installed on a VM on a Windows PC, can I then move only to a VPS with Windows, where I migrate the whole VM with Linux installed? Or is it possible to move a docker from my VM (on Windows) to a Linux VPS?

Does my way Sound logical, or should I do any different?

And I simply install UBUNTU Linux, or would you recommend any other?

I have never used Linux or Docker/NextCloud so I appreciate any advice on my learning journey :slight_smile: