Docker volume overwrites data directory?

I was installing Nextcloud on a NAS box using a docker compose file, it is a simple setup with Nextcloud, MariaDB and nginx. I mounted the data volume to the root directory of my data drive. It seems like this resulted in a complete overwrite of the disk drive.
I am devastated, this drive contains important work of my father’s. Is there any way I could fix what has happened?

This is a section of my docker-compose file:
image: nextcloud:fpm
restart: always
- db
- /srv/md0:/var/www/html

You don’t have a backup?

  1. First use gparted or a similar tool to confirm the actual partition scheme of the disk. Maybe the data is there and you are confused – confim whether the partition was actually changed in any way. You sound very uncertain.

  2. If the data partition was changed, get a recovery tool and get to work. Forget Nextcloud cause you are burning your dad’s files. Recover them and backup them up. Good luck.


Both should do the job. You’ll find plenty of other great tools online along with guides for recovering an overwritten disk partition. Hopefully nothing was changed.

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