Docker on Ubuntu 22.04 with Nextcloud All in One installation - How to administer?

I have successfully installed the AIO v8.1.0 containers and linked it to a domain.
I can access the docker maintenance page on domain:8443 and all is running fine.
Clicking on ‘Open you Nextcloud’ a tab with the the “Log in to Nextcloud” appears.

I simply can’t find a way to create an admin user.
I tried to use occ, but it has to run in the container, but there is no container that has php installed and the occ script under /var/www/html/occ

I thought the first time a screen should be displayed to create an admin user.

Hi, the initial login credentials should be shown in the AIO interface on port 8443

Hi, yes the initial login credentials are there, but they only give me the docker maintenance page to start and stop the docker containers etc.
I don’t know how to get to the nextcould administration pages.
Maybe I miss something fundamental?

Did you forward port 443 to port 443 on the machine?

yes, port 443 is working.
Question: On the initial screen there was the initial AIO password to login, is that associated with a user name?

You should see the user and password in the aio interface directly above the button open your nextcloud…

Oh stupid me, I did not see that there is a an arrow to open, I got the admin credentials now!
Thank you very much for your help!

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