Docker nextcloud update

I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything that answered my question.

I use a docker to run nextcloud. Currently I’m on version 14.0.4


Now I tried to updated to 14.0.7 since nextcloud told me there was an update.
However the upgrade failed it kept looping in the GUI update process.
So I used a day old backup to restore my nextcloud instance.

Am I suppose to update via the nextcloud GUI or do I have to wait till the docker image is up to date which updates nextcloud automatically when I pull the new docker image?

currently the docker Image would be on 15.0.2 according to the tags in the dockerhub:

no one???
I just tried once more to do the update but I’m stuck at this page. I can click the button to start the update over and over again but I will always gets redirected to this page.
After pushing the button and after some seconds it displays me that the update was successful but it redirects to this page…

This is what the status.php says:

yes. that’s the way it should be done.
btw: my docker image is version 15.0.5
p.s.: you may want to look at that can update all your container automatically. but be sure have all nextcloud related container linked.

thats exactly the problem I have watchtower running and it did update the image.
But once watchtower did update do i have to do the Update within Nextcloud as well or should it be up to date through the new image loaded by watchtower?

you may look at the file of all nextcloud images. at line 22 starts the update process if you start an image greater than the previous image on your machine.