Docker image: setup warning error Log: Could not boot files_trackdownloads: Call to undefined method OC\\Server::getEventDispatcher()

Hi I finaly was able to see the logs and this error keeps ongoing.
I googled it and found some threads with I thought similar issues but now Iam not sure anymore if this is the same issue at all.


I just shutdown my Nextcloud because of the massive error log which increases by every minute.

So I dont know what to do about this one at all. And figured its best not to leave Nextcloud running for now sadly. My Browser laggs/freezes when viewing the logs…


I had the same error and was able to fix it by disabling the “Activities for shared file downloads, visible to all admins” app.


Bye, Sascha

AFAIK that app isn’t maintained anymore:

You’ll likely need to disable it as suggested by @Ikkarus13.

Thank you Sascha that was the fix.

How can I delete log?


The log files are in your data folder. You can simply delete or rename the current one and a new one will be created.

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