Docker for core development

Is there the same but dockerized? I mean is there docker-composer file that core developer uses? I found only unofficial repository

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I’m using laravel’s homestead (vagrant based) for local development. To lazy to migrate :wink:


I was considering using homestead also but wasn’t sure how well it would work for Nextcloud out of the box. Is the docker dev environment linked above used heavily? What’s the quickest most reliable way to get a Nextcloud dev environment up and running? Any opinions on nextcloud-docker-dev vs homestead? Thanks!

We recently merged a pull request for vscode / devcontainers / codespaces.


Hi everyone ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to use this repo GitHub - juliushaertl/nextcloud-docker-dev: Nextcloud development environment using docker-compose by @juliushaertl to code a project.
But I can’t log in with the credentials of users from ldap image (in the docker compose).

How I can log in this container ?


if you want to use ldap with the container you need to ensure that the container is launched together with the Nextcloud one when creating those. You can recreate the setup with ldap being autoconfigured through:

docker-compose down -v
docker-compose up -d proxy nextcloud ldap

Without ldap the container comes with default users where the password is the same as the user name: admin, user1, user2, user3

You can get a shell inside of the container with docker-compose exec nextcloud bash

Thanks @juliushaertl :slight_smile:

I succeed to log in me ! :partying_face:

But, I don’t see my application in apps section as admin ^^’

Should I do something ?