Docker first run


I am trying to install NextCloud Docker using MySQL database. But the first time the data is not created, so I can’t get past the home screen. I checked and no tables were created in the database. Access to the bank is ok, with username and password working. Are there any steps I should take in the first access to create the initial table structure?

My Docker config:

    image: nextcloud
    container_name: nextcloud
    hostname: nextcloud
      - "80"
      MYSQL_USER: "myuser"
      MYSQL_DATABASE: "nextcloud"
      MYSQL_PASSWORD: "mypassword"
      MYSQL_HOST: "proxysql:6033"  


Are you not also running the MySQL in Docker? More details about your setup are needed.

Hi, mysql is running in another server. At mysql server i’m created a new empty database, user and password to nextcloud. If I set wrong password the docker fails on up, so the acesse is ok.