Docker dev environment: choosing the update channel without a running instance

I’m following the tutorial for setting up a Docker development environment for a second time. When I get the system up and running, I get the “Nextcloud will update to version 29” screen. I have two problems with this:

  1. I don’t actually want version 29. I’m trying to test 28.0.2 specifically. Can I change something in the config files so it follows the stable channel?
  2. When I click through on the update anyway, it fails because it’s an upgrade between multiple major versions. I’d like to know if there’s a way to work around this, for future reference.

(Also: I know that I can use git worktree and specifically run stable28, but I’m having an entirely different issue with that and I’ll put it in another question.)

Figured it out in the morning: I hadn’t realized that Docker Desktop saves and reuses its volumes, which is why it was trying to update the older version that I thought I’d deleted. Future reference if anyone else has this problem when deleting and reinstalling: use the docker prune commands to make sure all of your old volumes/images/containers are gone before you try starting over.