Docker Container: production versus latest version

Didn’t find an answer to this topic, I’ve tested nextcloud for some months in a limited setup (autoupload of images from mobile), now I want to go some steps further.

I’m using docker (, here I have two interesting versions: V16 (latest/stable) and V15 (production).

Does the production-label on V15 have a special meaning, should I use this on a “normal” server or can I use V16 (latest) without problems? If it matters: I’m using it only in a small home environment with 2-3 users and 3-5 devices.


It probably is referring to the official release channels:

The production channel is more conservative, it’s a bit more critical if you have larger setups where it is more complicated to roll back. If new releases come out, not all apps are available directly and it can take a couple of days.

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Thanks for your answer! This seems to be the solution, althought the side doesn’t state which version the “production channel” really is, it says “The downside of this channel is that the releases are behind in terms of features and performance.”, and the stable says “This channel delivers the latest feature releases ready for most users at minimal risk.”.

So I’ll think I’ll go with the stable. Thanks again for clarification!

The stable in general is the current release. The production one, there is no general rule, you probably can query the download server to ask them but if not you can’t directly see it. A new version probably needs at least one or two point releases and i think they switch to the next major version when a new one is coming out. So in general, you shouldn’t be behind more than one major version.