Doc for SharePoint Backend Configuration


I’m not able to get the Sharepoint Backend as external storage to work. I checked the forum but nothing works for me.

My system:
Nextcloud: 27.1.1
SharePoint Backend: 1.15.0
External Storage Support: 1.19.0

SharePoint Site runs on Office 365 (Business Premium License)

My SharePoint configuration:
External Storage: Sharepoint
Authentication: Username ans password
Host: [company][sitename]
Document Libary: sites/[sitename]/Documents
Enforce NTLM auth: yes
Username and password

SharePoint and Nextcloud are configured to use german as language.

When I open the folder in files, only a with “Failed to load file” and “Failed to create the document session” is there.

Any hints or documentation how to configure the SharePoint backend so that it will work? Thanks in advance.

Please use Nextcloud support for this - it’s not exactly a home user issue relevant for the Nextcloud community edition (given you have a Business Premium License). The team is happy to help you resolve the problem. See if you already have Nextcloud Enterprise, or Nextcloud Enterprise: Content collaboration software for enterprises why you should get it.

Sorry, I‘m using only the community edition.