Do you recommend server-side encryption?

Do you recommended Server-side encryption

I have my nextcloud instance in my VPS. I’m thinking to enable or not encrypt all files on server site. I read that the files stored increment around %35 and I suppose the performances is going to be afected too.

I have a simple question. Do you thing that is recommended ecrypt the files? Do you thing that it’s a good way?


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VPS running where? On your hardware or somebody else’s?

Server-side encryption is designed against stealing the hard drive, attaching it to
another computer and mounting to extract the data. Same as BitLocker, VeraCrypt…

What is the chance this can happen to you?

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The VPS is not in my hardware. I have a monthly payment. I thought if my VPS was attacked by Crackers or some thing like that but really is not safer because the key is stored in server.