Do you have to be a Linux guru to run a NextCloud server at home?

I HAD a perfectly running NextCloud server up and running on my raspberry.
I mainly used it for automaticly upload photos from my android phone and as a general storage of various documents.
All of a sudden I noticed that my client couldn’t upload new photos.
Checked status on the server and i says:
“Nextcloud check error”
“MariaDB service down”

As not beeing a Linux guru I have no clue what to do…
Is it that Nextcloud is to complex for me and I should use Dropbox or similar instead ?
But I really prefer to store my files on my own servers…

You don’t have to be a linux guru to start with. However, if you manage your own server, you should be open to learn some things and don’t expect to set it up once and running forever. So you will become some sort of linux guru :wink:

Try to find out why your database is not running any more and try to restart it.

No. I hate linux, haven’t run a linux server since 2004. Linux is messy and incoherent and flaky as shit.

But I love Nextcloud, runs like a dream on FreeBSD :wink:

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It is mostly like Windows. If it runs all is fine. But if it not run you need knowledge or a reinstall.

You can search a “Managed Nextcloud” for your country and pay for it. Than it is not your problem anymore and you do not need Dropbox, Microsoft or Google.

Restart MariaDB

sudo service mariadb start
Post errors.